9 juli 2017


Over the top... Een verhaal over leven doorgeven. Een verhaal van verbinding, over de dood heen. 

Een ets in opdracht van het departement Microbiologie en Immunologie, voor de dienst Transplantatiegeneeskunde van de KU Leuven.

Bijzondere opdracht, fijn traject, boeiend resultaat,...
Een po√ętisch samengaan van kunst en wetenschap. Boordevol veelzeggende details.

Over the top - Anje Claeys - 2017 - 1/1

Interesse in een ets op maat? Meer info vind je via www.bioart.eu/wetenschap

24 augustus 2015


Hemocyanin - Anje Claeys - 1/1 2011

Snails carry blue blood in their veins.

That is due to the protein they carry in their bodily fluid.
It's called hemocyanin.
The hemocyanin contains 2 copper atoms that bind a single oxygen molecule.
The oxygenation causes a color shift from colorless to blue

Humans carry hemoglobin in their blood.

The hemoglobin contains iron atoms and these bind oxygen.
Again, it is the interaction between the metal atom and oxygen that causes the color to appear.
Red is the color of our blood, our heart, our lips.
Therefore, red is grown into the color of love.

Etching is also about metals, often copper and zinc.

Metals interact with acids or salts.
This etching process is known as biting.
The metal actually is eaten away.
This chemical reaction creates grooves in which inkt can stick.

Then comes the etching press.
Again made of metal.
The plate is printed and the paper transforms from colorless to colorful.
It is like magic.

Chemistry and etching.
2 related disciplines.
Both colorful.
Both magic.

23 augustus 2015


Subtiel - Anje Claeys - 1/1 2007

A fingerprint borrowed from a friend.
Unique as ever.
Both the fingerprint as the friend.

They come in all colors and sizes.
There are old and new friends.
Long and short friends.

Friends for sharing life's breathtaking moments.
Friends for sharing daily irritations.
Friends for pleasure, friends for fun.

Some friends combine it all.
They're a special mix. They're quite rare.
They're about 1-to-1 interaction.

They follow the story of your live.
Their support is unconditional.
They don't judge.

They carry a special fingerprint.
It's called the
soulmate fingerprint.

No much scientific evidence about that.
But personal human experience
all over.

31 juli 2015


Brief - Anje Claeys - 1/1 2005

Gene therapy alters the genetic code
Take an ordinary letter and change a few words
It could have a totally different outcome

In a world of dazzling internet and virtual messaging,
I keep on preferring the old-fashioned letter,
written by hand, words carefully chosen as they wander by

Next, add the envelope and the stamp
and search for the red postoffice box from where
the slow and often long journey can start

Slow messaging
Slow traveling
Slow art

A lot like printmaking.
Takes a long journey to create the perfect matrix for the perfect print in the perfect color.
So many things can go wrong, making it imperfect thus incredibly perfect.

Exactly why I love it all that much.


'Brief' is the Flemish word for letter.

24 juli 2015


Verbonden? - Anje Claeys - 1/1 2006

Sometimes, when you meet someone, you can really feel 'connected'.
At least, I know how it feels.

As if you know each other for a million years.

I wonder what it is that happens then, chemically.
Would there be some kind of interspacial synaps?
Perhaps an unidentified kind of neurotransmitter chasing through extraphysical space?
I'd love to know all about that mechanism.

Is there a answer that fits into the current paradigm?
I guess not...

23 juli 2015


Sekwentie 1 - Anje Claeys - 1/1, 2005

This is not a painting
It is a print
Made on a printing press

Imagine Watson and Crick
Unraveling the structure of DNA
Their excitement

Printmaking is also about excitement,
A dream coming true
A never ending story

22 juli 2015


Mutation Rate - Anje Claeys - 1/1 2005

Trained as a scientist
Master in Virology
PhD in Medical Sciences

And now, in daily life, printmaker...

Sometimes mutation rates can be really high